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The business environment in which you operate is changing dynamically. Off-the-shelf IT solutions, in many cases, don't meet your requirements - they don't personalize processes or assume scenarios typical of your business. Dedicated applications can complement or completely replace publicly available systems. This type of application solves your specific problems, is maximally useful and open to further development. We know how to listen, which allows us to build applications that meet all your needs.

For your convenience, we have divided the site into sections:

Completed projects
(with a value of more than PLN 25,000 net)
The team has been active since
(in application programming)
3 years
(working on applications)

For almost two decades we have been developing dedicated applications. Our experienced team are not only programmers, but also graphic designers, copywriters, SEO specialists, marketers and project managers. What sets us apart is the fact that We always listen to our customers, carefully study their needs and let them set the direction of our design.

As a result, the applications we develop are fully tailored to each client's unique needs and challenges, ensuring precise alignment with their specific business processes.

The solution we use not only allows us to take a holistic approach to each IT project, but also provides full post-project support, including SEO, marketing and other key aspects of digital strategy.

Our company brings together experts in application development, specializing in the use of such programming languages like PHP, Java, Python and techniques like AJAX. We have experience working with a variety of system platforms, however, our domain is to specialize in technologies that enable cross-platform support, eliminating the need for additional costs associated with migrating changes or adapting applications between different systems.

In the context of programming operations, we commonly use proven frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, VUE or REACT, although thanks to many years of practice we are also open and competent to use other tools, depending on specific project requirements. Our emphasis is on providing optimal, cost-effective solutions while maintaining the highest technological and operational standards.

What do we offer?

We get to know the specifics of your company, tailoring the application to its goals.

We create clear and end-user friendly interfaces.

We use state-of-the-art technology to create personalized solutions, but also support ourselves with proven solutions. All tailored to the specifics of the project

We offer full support and assistance after the launch of the application, providing continuous updates and optimization.

We help your app achieve visibility and interest using proven digital strategies.

System CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Title: System CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Release date: 2023
Technology: Framework Laravel, flutter,
Platforma: Web, Android, IOS
Customer need: A dedicated application that simplifies the work of the sales department and increases its efficiency by further enhancing the ability to control the flow and quality of work.
System architecture: The web dashboard was made using the Laravel framework because of its capabilities and flexibility, which allowed us to customize each functionality for the project. We made the mobile application in the Flutter framework, it is a modern, officially supported by Google framework for creating cross-platform mobile applications for Android and iOS.
Solution: We created a web panel that has:
  • customer management option (contact information)
  • order management options (order value, customer data, contact dates and order status)
  • Contact history and in-app notifications of next scheduled contacts
  • task lists for orders and notes next to orders
  • functions to facilitate valuation
  • invoicing
  • Functions that give the department head the ability to review and approve tentative valuations
  • functions that remind you to perform actions 
In addition, we have developed an application for phones that facilitates work from the phone and notifications from the panel come to it.
  • Simplify order and customer management
  • Increase the efficiency of the sales department
  • Better organization of planned contacts with customers
  • Efficient division of tasks translating into increased employee efficiency
  • Greater control over work progress
  • Simplifying the pricing and invoicing process
Shopware integration with Baselinker
Title: Shopware integration with Baselinker
Release date: 2023
Platforma: Web
Technologies used: PHP, Symfony, Javascript, VUE.js.
Customer need: Our clients ran a store with a large number of products, initially 13,000 and now almost 30,000. The products were listed on Allegro through the Baselinker panel.
Other obstacles: Because of the large number of products, they needed a more efficient platform than, for example, WooCommerce, which is only effective up to 3k-5k products.
The integration had to work both ways, from Baselinker to Shopware and back.
Synchronization of the original integration's information was done only every few hours, which was not sufficient for the customer's requirements.
Shopware in the default integration acted as a warehouse, not a store.
The large number of product images took up a lot of space on the server.
Solution to the situation: Creating a proprietary plug-in for Shopware that downloads and synchronizes products from Baselinker's warehouse, optimizing long-term performance.
Modify the product image gallery system to store only links to images on Baselinker's server, reducing the load on the client server (CPU and disk space).
Wordpress integration with ASARI
Title: Wordpress integration with ASARI
Release date: 2023
Platforma: Web (Wordpress)
Technologies used: PHP, Javascript, AJAX
Customer need: Searching and presenting currently sold/rented properties on the website with the ability to filter them.
Other obstacles: No
Solution to the situation: Creating a Wordpress plugin that, meets the need and expectations of the client.
Wordpress integration with IdoBooking
Title: Wordpress integration with IdoBooking
Release date: 2023
Platforma: Web (Wordpress)
Technologies used: PHP, Javascript, AJAX
Customer need: Search for available booking items (apartments/rooms) from the website, offering always up-to-date data on booking items without editing the website.
Other obstacles: Due to the low performance of the Idobooking API for transferring a large amount of information, the storage of part of the data, in server-side cache, was used.
Solution to the situation: Creation of a Wordpress plugin that, allows you to check the availability of bookings and presents the current data downloaded from Idobooking on the website.

How much does it cost to prepare a dedicated application?

The cost of preparing a dedicated application is difficult to determine without a detailed analysis, as it depends on many variables. Here are some of the factors that affect the final prices:

  • Complexity of the project;
  • Number of functions and their complexity;
  • Design in UX/UI;
  • Technologies used;
  • Testing and quality control
  • Post-deployment support and updates

You will receive an accurate quote after determining the necessary solutions tailored to your company's needs.

How long does it take to make a dedicated application?

The time it takes to make a dedicated application can vary depending on many factors:

  • complexity of the project,
  • required functionalities,
  • number of revisions, tests,
  • The level of complexity of integration with other systems.

This can take from a few weeks to even a few months and even with very large systems years. It is crucial to know exactly what the client's needs and expectations are before work begins so that a realistic estimate of the time frame can be made.

Are you determined?

Possible guarantees - The guarantees you receive depend on the type of application. It can be a guarantee of flawless operation, a guarantee of correct operation or a guarantee of system security. It all depends on your needs and the purpose of the application, everything is determined individually.