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Our experience is.

Realized projects.
(graphics, photography, film, websites)
Create from.
(first commercial project)
19 years
Creative professionals.
(unfortunately not everyone allowed to put themselves on this page)

a little more about us

Michal Wojczek
In his career he has worked in editorial positions in several magazines his current task is to create the right conditions for companies to grow.
UAV Operator
Daniel Siwiec
Licensed operator of unmanned aerial vehicles.
SEO Specialist
Marcin Szymanski
A specialist with several years of experience, he took his first steps in the SEO industry in 2005 and worked with some of the largest companies in Poland.
WEB Developer
Olaf Szymanski
Web fullstack developer who creates websites out of passion, in his career he has completed dozens of commercial projects for small and medium-sized companies.
Web Developer
Hammad Shafiq
Front-end developer with experience in developing projects based on the latest RWD, CSS3, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript ES6+ design standards and skilled in UX/UI design.

Our staff

Olaf Szymanski

Owner, project manager.

Working in graphics since 2005, programming since 2007, first commercial project done in 2008, actively pursuing further education in design, marketing, programming, photography and personnel management.

Krzysztof Łozowski

Key Account Specialist.

In the commercial sector since 2006. He began his adventure in the United States , and then actively worked in Germany and Poland. Caring for the improvement of work culture and relations between the company and its customers, he constantly increases the theoretical knowledge and sales results.

Renata Polisiakiewicz

Social media manager.

I have been involved in marketing and social media for 9 years. I mainly specialize in communication on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram platforms.
Additionally, I have 11 years of experience in copywriting and content marketing. I have prepared analytical reports on various industries, articles for traditional press, blog posts and content batches for websites.

Igor Ojrzynski

Backend programmer, project manager.

He has been working in IT since 2013, working in positions from Database Specialist going through PHP programmer and ending with us in project management.

Marcin Szymanski

SEO /SEM Specialist.

With several years of experience, he took his first steps in the SEO industry in 2005 and has worked and cooperated with some of the largest companies in Poland.

Marta Kasprzyk


She writes interesting and engaging content, blog and expert texts for local companies and brands operating in the national market. She combines content with social media marketing. 
Continuously extends her knowledge during training and courses.

Octavian Gavrys

Graphic designer, UI designer, video editor.

Passionate about computer graphics. Since 2019, working in the profession, he has gained experience in the creation of intereffects and graphic design. Actively follows current trends, creating designs that please the client's eye.

Michal Wojczek


He has worked in editorial positions at several magazines in his career, and is currently tasked with creating engaging advertising texts.

Piotr Lukjaniec

Full stack programmer, UI designer.

A passionate programmer, despite his young age, he develops very quickly in the direction of his passion, completing even the most difficult task set before him.

Daniel Siwiec

UAV operator, backend programmer.

Licensed operator of unmanned aerial vehicles, passionate and professional, Master's degree in ICT, actively developing his knowledge towards machine learning and backend programming.

Catherine Nadworna

Photographer, camera operator, editor.

She has been working with photography since 2012 and film since 2014, and has worked on photography and film projects both in Poland and abroad. To her credit, she has exhibitions of photographic works in PL and DE. She specializes in wedding photography, interiors, reportage, also film , commercial and wedding films.