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Social media advertising

is currently one of the most effective and relatively inexpensive forms of reaching a potentially desired audience. Below we will introduce you to its most important aspects and advantages, namely: branding, paid social media advertising, Regularity in social media i our packages. Also read the section What will you gain?

Facebook ADS

That is, Paid Advertising on Social Media. Despite the initial higher cost compared to traditional marketing, you can select a precise and matched group of customers who are most likely to buy your product or use your services, which will ultimately translate into a higher profit-to-cost ratio, relative to traditional advertising of this type of service.

We offer tailored marketing strategies for paid advertising starting with the Gold package.

Brand creation

is an integral part of marketing. From Facebook posts, by products placed in film productions, after websites And the customer reviews posted on them. All this translates into recognition of you, your company and your products. The increased recognition alone will translate into increased sales as a product known to consumers.

Systematicity in social media

is extremely important. All the effort to build an audience can go to waste if the site is not updated regularly. In addition, social media algorithms automatically reduce the reach of pages that are not constantly updated. This applies to virtually every platform. Here we come to the main topic, i.e. posts and our marketing packages that will relieve the burden on your company. Well-personalized posts will reach a large audience while creating a positive image for your company, as well as fit in with current trends and maintain a steady, regular flow of customers.

Marketing Service

We handle all major social media from Facebook to TikTok to LinkedIn. Our social media managers have been in the business since 2014. In cooperation with other specialists such as photographers, filmmakers and editors, they are able to create amazing works that bring great results!

We will handle your profiles from as little as PLN 280.00 net per month

What will you gain?

  • Media monitoring - keeping up with current trends and looking for the most effective way to reach your audience
  • Creating content for websites under SEO
  • Social media posts published regularly, during hours of peak user activity
  • Practical and substantive assistance on all the most popular platforms
  • Inviting active visitors to like the page
  • Activate audiences to take action or purchase products and services
But above all, you will gain cooperation with a company that knows what it is doing and does it with its head.