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1. Contractor/contractory

Firma Szymansky.pl - Olaf Szymański
ul. Monte Cassino 34 /2, 72-600 Świnoujście
NIP: 855 160 02 66 Regon: 385747485

2. Storage of completed works and making them available

The company Szymansky.pl - Olaf Szymanski claims the right to preserve indefinitely the works made and the possibility of making them available to the public for advertising purposes and as a form of presentation of its portfolio.

3. License to use the completed work

The Contractor shall transfer to the Contracting Authority the right to use the license of the completed work for commercial and non-commercial purposes after payment in the following fields:

  • fixation on paper, on machine-readable media
  • Reproduction using reprographic devices (photocopiers), audio/video playback devices, printing and computer techniques
  • making the work available to the public in such a way that anyone can access it at a time and place of their choosing.
  • Publicizing in electronic form and via the Internet.

The contractor by default does not provide the right to edit and resell completed works, an exception to this must be a clearly written subsection in the contract that allows such actions.

4. Payment for the assignment and the start of work

In the absence of a signed contract, the commencement of implementation of a given project begins on the date of payment of the pro-forma invoice and after delivery of the necessary materials for the aforementioned project.

5. Penalty for unlawful use of works of the company szymansky.pl

The Contractor sets a net amount of PLN 100.00 for each day of unlawful use and sharing of a single given work without the author's consent for each single form of sharing..

6. Implementation of recurring orders positioning/marketing support/IT support

The company Szymansky.pl - Olaf Szymanski claims the right to begin the implementation of services in advance not less than 14 days before the first period of work after prepayment by the ordering party in the amount of the first billing period.