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We have been doing photography since 2015 For us it's not just a job, but first of all a passion, so all the projects we do are done simply perfectly. Curious about the results? So far we have completed many projects, with a very wide range.

To our credit, we have completed shoots:

  • wedding photography,
  • product photography,
  • photojournalism of various types of events,
  • photojournalism of rooms and buildings.


Not only photography, but also photo-editing! Specialized knowledge allows us to carry out photo processing orders as well. You have old photographs that you want to restore their splendor? For us it is no problem. Curious about the results? We present samples of our capabilities.

Product photography
Interior photography
Image photography
Wedding photography

Product photography.

What is product photography and why is it so important that the photos are taken professionally? The key to success is to realize your goal, i.e. what should your photos achieve? For the most part, it is to increase sales of your product. However, each product needs to be portrayed differently, taking into account its individual character and unique attributes. Examples? If your product is food, it should be presented in such a way as to make every potential customer salivate at the very sight of it, we know how to achieve this :)

Interior photography.

Photos of objects taken from the outside and inside is a very demanding task, in which it is necessary to show all the qualities of the presented object. Our experience ensures that your photos of interiors and buildings will always look perfect. What is there to say - it's better to watch!

Wedding Photography.

A wedding is a special moment in the life of every young couple. Do you care about perfect photos from the ceremony? Or maybe you dream of a unique outdoor session? We are open to suggestions, tell us what you want and we will try to fulfill your fantasies!


Photography allows us to document any important event. We can be wherever something important is happening. Trust our experience, get professional photos, from which we will prepare a unique photo report for you.
Performed projects to date: Festival of Smiles, Soap Bubble Festival, Integration of the Western Settlement, Opening of the Playground, Sports and Recreation.

Family sessions.

360° Photography

In  our offer we also have 360° photography  which gives your clients the opportunity to personally walk through your property or apartment which will definitely help you to encourage your potential clients!
Milli Vanilli
Promenada Molo Restaurant
Villa Babette