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Preparing for a photo shoot

Professional photography has more than one name. Both business people and individuals who want to immortalize important moments of their lives opt for photos taken by a professional. What variants of a photo session do we distinguish? And how to prepare for it well?

Types of photo shoots

Photo shoots - for some a dream, for others a necessity to get the perfect photos needed to effectively advertise your business. In the work of a photographer, different types of sessions can be distinguished, depending on the type of photos taken or the place where it will be carried out.

Photo shoots and location

Taking location as a criterion, the photographer takes pictures:

  • studios,
  • outdoor,
  • reports.

One of the more difficult ones is studio photography, requiring both knowledge, skill and experience from the photographer. Shooting a session in a studio will require proper lighting settings, matching backgrounds, and the ability to expose important details. Setting up the models can also be a considerable difficulty. How do you capture naturalness and freedom during the set-up photos for which people pose? Imagination and proper preparation of the studio, selection of gadgets also gain great importance.

Outdoor photography is very popular, especially among individuals wishing to document special moments of their lives. Outdoor sessions are held in various places in nature - a lavender field, a beach, or perhaps another interesting place? Very often newlyweds decide to have an outdoor session, but nothing prevents you from arranging photos for children, commemorating an important anniversary, birthday.

Reportage photography is a great way to document important events, taking place both outdoors and indoors. Here there is no room for repetition, you need to make quick decisions and frames that will create the story of the event or event.

The type of photo shoot, depending on the topic

Both studio and outdoor sessions can cover a variety of subjects. Nowadays, children's sessions, done, for example, on the occasion of the next birthday, documenting the next years of life, are very popular. Occasional photos are a great keepsake for the future.

An example of one of the most popular moments for a professional photo shoot is a wedding. Young people, but also their parents, can not imagine not to capture these special moments. Photos from the ceremony, but also the wedding and - a long-planned outdoor session. Where. This largely depends on the preferences of the young and the capabilities of the photographer.

Preparing for a photo shoot - where to start

How to prepare for a photo shoot? The answer, contrary to appearances, is not at all easy, because it all depends on what variant of the session you need to prepare for? In addition, the topic can be considered from two angles - from the point of view of the photographer and from the point of view of the person (people, company) commissioning the photos.

Outdoor wedding sessions and more

Outdoor photo shoots Are held after prior appointment and selection of location. Depending on the type of photos - engagement session, wedding session, children's session. The possibilities are many, it all depends on what we are planning. The choice of location is a matter of agreement with the photographer, although in most professionals are open to suggestions, so there are no major obstacles to the session taking place in a place that is important to you. Also, the photographer can suggest interesting and proven places where he has already happened to carry out assignments. When choosing a location, it is also worth considering a contingency plan, in case the weather is not favorable. It can also be a great idea to choose the right accessories and props that will emphasize the individual character of the photos.

Product photography

It is not only outdoor sessions that require proper preparation. If you run a business you will certainly be interested in product photography. When displaying a product for sale, it is worthwhile to take care of really high quality photos. How you present your offer can affect the effectiveness of the sale. That's why many companies opt for the help of a professional photographer. Within product photography, still life and packshot photos are distinguished.

fotografia produktowa, zdjęcia potraw

Still Life Photos

This type of photography allows ordinary, everyday products to be presented in an unusual way. The creativity of the photographer will be necessary here, whose idea will effectively attract the attention of potential buyers. The need to look for new solutions and experimentation will not be a good solution in the case of products put up for sale in an online store, but it will be perfect for advertising campaigns, where the interest in the product is most important.

Still life photos are creative, unusual, and offer many opportunities to play with composition, light. When preparing for such a session, it is worth thinking about the gadgets that will be good to use.

What are packshots?

The category of product photography also includes packshot photography. This is a specific type of photography. Here the product is located in the central part of the frame. As a rule, any arrangement is abandoned here, presenting the product on a uniform, usually white background. In this way, its actual appearance can be exposed even more accurately.

Packshot photography will work perfectly if you run an online store and the most important task is to present the products available in the assortment perfectly and at the same time very real.

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