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Dedicated applications

Our experience is.

Realized projects.
(with a value over 25,000 PLN net)
Years of experience.
(in application programming)
18 years
(working on applications)

Our specialists

They have been creating dedicated applications for almost 20 years and are supported by other specialists such as graphic designers, copywriters, SEO specialists, marketers, project managers which gives us the ability to fully handle any software project and its post-completion support even in the areas of positioning, marketing services and technical.

Programmer's jobs

Our specialists develop applications based on programming languages: PHP, Java, C, C++ and scripting languages like Java Script. On many different system platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS, iOS but we specialize in online platforms that give you the ability to support all of these platforms without the additional cost of transferring changes between platforms and customizing your application 

In our work we usually use frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, VUE, REACT although after years of work we are not afraid of other frameworks too