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2 reasons why WordPress is not losing popularity?

Websites built on WordPress have enjoyed unflagging popularity for years. Why so much success? Why does WordPress have so many supporters?

WordPress - ease of use

One of the most important advantages for the user is the ease of use. The CMS is very intuitive, you can easily find the most important functionalities. At the same time, it offers quite a lot of possibilities, both in terms of editing entries, adding graphics or entire photo galleries, etc.

Great opportunities for customization

Programmers involved in web development, such as us, building a website based on CMS WordPress will easily match the appearance and functionality of the site to almost any need. By creating the appearance themes ourselves and creating or selecting numerous plugins, combined with our knowledge and years of experience, make any challenge is not frightening to us.Creating websites based on WordPress at every stage we design the sites ourselves, we do not use ready-made layouts, and it is for this reason that we can make your site to suit your needs. Do you care about a professional website? Feel free to contact us!